Earth will be like the moon, incapable of sustaining life

The Earth’s atmosphere is evaporating and at current rate every human will die in 8 years – says top scientist!

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Earth’s atmosphere is rapidly leaking out through holes in the ozone layer — and if the alarming trend continues at the current rate, every human on the planet will die a slow and agonizing death by suffocation within just eight short years!

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That is the terrifying warning of a top South African geophysicist who says that man himself is to blame for the deadly new ecological crisis.

The Earth’s atmosphere is evaporating…

“Due to the infamous greenhouse effect created by human pollution, two huge holes have been punched in the ozone layer, one over the North Pole and one over the South Pole,” says Dr. Iain van Wyck, chief researcher of the Upper Stratosphere Survey Project.

“That thin ozone layer is like a thin protective shield surrounding Earth. Until now, most of the focus has been on the danger of global warming, caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation pouring in through those holes. But what no one has been concerned about is what is escaping from those holes,” Dr. van Wyck says.

Recent satellite photographs examined by Dr. van Wyck’s team of experts show clearly that oxygen is leaking out at a rate of billions of molecules per minute.

Scientists say millions of years ago our atmosphere didn’t contain oxygen — and Dr. van Wyck warns that by the year 2011, it will return to that state.

“Earth will be like the moon, incapable of sustaining life,” the expert predicts.

Our atmosphere is a mixture of gases — 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and 1 percent other gases. It has five basic layers. Closest to Earth is the troposphere, where all weather takes place; above that is the stratosphere, where air flow is mostly horizontal.

Above that is the thin ozone layer, made up of a special form of oxygen. Above that is the mesosphere and above that is the ionosphere, where atoms are ionized.

explains Dr. van Wyck. “It seals in the gases that make life possible on Earth. By depleting it, we’ve doomed ourselves.”

Some U.S. government scientists question Dr. van Wyck’s results and one even branded him a “Chicken Little who is needlessly alarming the public.”

But Dr. van Wyck fires back, “These are the same people who pooh-poohed global warming. If something isn’t done fast, we’ll all die choking — while fighting over old jars to see who gets the last breath of air.”

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